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A Call Center has been established to answer any additional questions you may have. Call 1-844-505-8070.

Students, faculty, and staff who will be on-campus throughout the Spring 2021 semester must continue to participate in the College’s COVID-19 testing. To access buildings, classrooms, and labs, you will be required to show that your CoVerified app displays a CLEARED status. The College community must continue to follow all health and safety guidelines and protocols.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a student, faculty, or staff who is currently fully remote, you MAY NOT come to campus prior to Commencement. 

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Q: Why is Becker College closing?

A:  The Board of Trustees’ decision on March 28 was based on the impact of COVID-19, declining enrollment, rising costs, and an insufficient endowment—all factors that are placing increasing financial pressure on small, tuition-driven institutions.  Coupled together, these factors created a lack of a viable financial path forward.

Q: When will Becker College close?

A: The College will provide academic, support, and transitional services to students through August 31, 2021.  Following an orderly transition, classes will not resume in the fall.

Q: What did the Board do to avoid closing Becker?

A:  The Board of Trustees understood the need to assess the future landscape of higher education and work towards fiscal sustainability. To that end, the College engaged in multiple actions over the course of two years in an effort to reverse the impact of declining enrollment and fiscal challenges on a small college with a small endowment. These included: 

  • Restructuring of academic schools and programs
    • Selling some College-owned residential buildings and not renewing leases on other buildings
    • Reducing personnel, compensation, and benefits, as well as instituting a hiring freeze
    • Embarking on a large-scale change initiative which included faculty and staff working in interdisciplinary teams to create a paradigm shift of organizational change to support a new business strategy and a new model of success
    • Pursuing an affiliation with a nonprofit educational system

Q: How did COVID-19 impact the Board’s decision and Becker’s financial condition?

A: Beginning in March 2020, the abrupt shift to remote learning and closing residence halls, as well as managing room and board refunds, resulted in a significant loss of revenue. The College invested in additional technology resources to ensure continuity of student learning. The expense of COVID-19 safety protocols and safeguards, including testing necessitated the move to remote living and learning for the Fall 2020 semester, which again had a negative financial impact. COVID -19 continues to impact campus operations, including a drastic decline in students residing in on-campus housing and the need to provide remote learning options.

Q: What will happen to Becker College property and assets?

A: Becker College’s primary focus is on ensuring continuity of education for its students through the remainder of the Spring 2021 semester and on a transitional basis through the summer. Decision-making on options for the College’s property and assets will occur over time.

Q: What will happen to the Lenfest Animal Health Center?

A: The Lenfest Animal Health Center will work directly with its clients to assure a seamless transition to another animal hospital of their choosing. 

Q: What will happen to the Counseling Clinic @ Becker?

A: The Community Counseling Clinic at Becker College will continue to provide services for current clients, while working with clients to explore additional referral options or resources. For additional information about available resources, please contact the clinic directly at 508- 373-9751.

Q: Will the College be providing more information and updates?

A: Yes. Students, faculty, and staff will receive updates and new information when available.

Current Students: Next Steps/Advising

Q: Does Becker College have a partnership with another college/university to accept all Becker College students? Will they give me full credit for my Becker credits?

A: The College is currently working on several options which we are referring to as Academic Pathways, and will provide specific details as they become available. Please refer to the Academic Pathways on this site for the latest information.

Q: Will I have to apply on my own to attend another college/university?

A: If it is one of the colleges we have made an agreement with, they will evaluate and accept your credentials based on the terms of that agreement. Should you elect to attend a school with which we do not have an agreement, you will need to apply through that schools’ regular transfer admissions process.

Q: What happens to my credits if I decide to withdraw or take a leave of absence? How long will I be able to obtain transcripts?

A: There will be a designated college of record that will maintain Becker College’s academic records. Information on how you can request a transcript after the closing will be forthcoming.

Q: How do I access my transcripts?

A: Please contact the Office of the Registrar at or go to .  

Q: How can I get my Transcript Now?

A: How to request a transcript today from the National Student Clearinghouse;

Q: Will my cumulative GPA transfer to a new school, or will I have to start over?

A: In general, GPAs do not transfer to new schools. In some cases, the Academic Pathways transfer agreements Becker has created with other colleges will transfer students’ GPAs as well as credits. Review the agreements for the institution you are interested in for more information.

Q: Where should I be looking for current updates regarding the transfer process?

A: Please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor through Starfish (preferred method) or by sending your advisor an email.

Q: How soon will I hear from my advisor once I email them to set up an appointment to discuss transfer options?

A: Please be patient, as we expect a high volume of email and meeting requests. You can expect to hear back within two business days once the College’s Board of Trustees has announced the decision regarding closure of the College (excluding weekend hours). 

Q: How should I prepare for my advising meeting regarding transferring to another institution?

A: Review the progress tab in student planning within My Becker. Also, please review academic pathway options for your major, located on this web page, before your scheduled meeting with your advisor.

Q: Do I need to adhere to application deadlines for any of the pathway colleges that are appropriate for my major?

A: Application deadlines are waived or extended for students choosing most Academic Pathway colleges or universities. Please refer to the agreement for the college or university you are interested in to learn about their policy on application deadlines.

Q: Will I be responsible for any of the application fees for the pathway colleges for my major?

A: Application fees are generally waived for Academic Pathway colleges. However, to be sure, please refer to the college or university agreement for specific details.

Q: Am I guaranteed acceptance into a pathway college for my major?

A: Generally, students who are in good academic standing—a 2.0 or above cumulative grade point average – are guaranteed acceptance. Some programs or institutions may have higher GPA requirements. Review the agreements for more details.

Q: Will my financial aid package transfer to the pathway college I chose?

A: The new school will determine the aid award. State and federal programs are often very similar, but there is no one-to-one guarantee of aid transferring. In some cases, Academic Pathway institutions have agreed to specific favorable terms regarding calculation of cost of attendance or matching of Becker awards from the current academic year; these terms are detailed in their agreements. The best advice is to work directly with the aid office at the new school.

Q: Will my athletic eligibility transfer to my new Academic Pathway college?

A: Please contact your coach in Becker Athletics for further clarification.

Q: Can I transfer into a non-Academic Pathway college for my major?

A: Yes, you have the ability to select any college you wish. However, students who do not choose to transfer into any of the pathway options for their major are required to follow that college’s application deadlines and are responsible for paying any applicable application fees.

Q: What if I choose to transfer into a college that does not have pathway options for my major?

A: Students who choose to transfer to a college that does not have a pathway for their major may not receive the same opportunities, such as waived application deadlines and fees and guaranteed acceptance if you are in good standing. Please contact the admissions office at your chosen college for details.

Current Students: Residents

Q: When will on-campus students have to leave campus?

A: Students will move out within 24 hours of their last scheduled class, or no later than May 8 at noon. Graduating seniors must move out on May 8 by 6 pm.

Current Students: Student Athletes

Q: Will student athletes have the opportunity to join another college/university’s athletic programs?

A: If you have intercollegiate eligibility remaining, you can participate in athletics. Becker College coaching staff and your academic advisor can assist you in finding an institution where you can continue your academics and athletics.

Q: Will Becker College continue to participate in winter sports (men’s and women’s ice hockey, and women’s basketball)?

A: Yes, Becker College will continue to fulfill its winter sports schedules.

Q: Will Becker College continue to participate in spring sports (baseball, softball, and women’s lacrosse)?

A: Yes, Becker College will continue to fulfill its spring sports schedules.

Current Students: Student Services

Q: Will counseling services be available?

A: Yes. Call 508.373.9551 to email The counseling staff will work with you to ensure you meet with a counselor as soon as possible.

Q: Will counseling services be available through August 31?

A: Yes.

Q: What other services will be available through August 31? What services will not be available?

A: Many services will be available to students, but may be on a reduced basis.More specific information will be forthcoming.

Current Students: School of Graduate & Professional Studies

Q: If I am taking evening or online classes, will I be able to continue doing so at another institution?

A: There are Academic Pathways with online options. Students should review these and work with their advisor for more information.

Q: Do the transfer options offered to traditional undergraduate students apply to graduate and evening/online students?

A: The pathways that have been created apply to all students. There are specific pathways for graduate programs and online options for some programs, including those that Becker has offered fully online.

Financial Aid/Scholarships/Refunds

Q: Do you have information about federal loan forgiveness?

A: Information about loan forgiveness can be found at  You may also find more information at

Q: Will I have to reapply for financial aid when transferring to another institution?

A: Most students will have to update their 2021/22 FAFSAs. Please see the listing—a federal list of school codes from New England states and New York.   

Q: What is the refund policy should I choose to leave Becker or move out of on-campus housing before the end of the Spring semester?

A: The current refund policy is in effect:

Procedures for a student wishing to withdraw can be found here:


Q: Will Becker College hold a Commencement ceremony?

A: Becker College will hold a combined Commencement ceremony to celebrate the achievements of both the Class of 2020, which missed out on its traditional ceremony due to the pandemic, and the Class of 2021. A Commencement committee is exploring a number of options, including an in-person event at the DCU Center with both classes, an in-person, smaller-group event at the DCU Center, and an on-campus, in-person, smaller group event. More details will be forthcoming.

Q: If I am scheduled to graduate in May and finish my outstanding credits in the summer/fall, will I still be able to participate in the spring Commencement?

A: Students within seven credits of completing their degrees at the end of the spring semester may participate in Commencement.

Q: How do I receive a copy of my diploma?
A: Diplomas are mailed to the student’s address several weeks after Commencement.

Q: If I am scheduled to graduate in August or December 2021, can I take classes over the summer for Becker College credit?

A: Every student’s academic plan is unique. Please check with your advisor regarding the availability of options to complete your requirements over the summer.

Prospective, Accepted, Deposited Students

Q: If I/my family have put down a deposit for 2021-22, how soon do we get the money back and how?

A: Students who have deposited for 2021-22 will be refunded. Checks will be mailed out on March 31.

Q: If I am a deposited or deferred student who was planning to attend Becker for 2021-2022, will I be expected to submit my application materials (proof of graduation and supporting documents/ transcripts/test scores) to another institution?

A:  Yes, you will have to apply and go through the college’s admissions process.  


Q: How will I access my transcripts?

A: Following the closure of the College, Becker students will have continued access to their transcripts through another institution. Updated information will be provided as soon as it is available. 

Q: How can I get my Transcript Now?

A: How to request a transcript today from the National Student Clearinghouse;

Q: Can I receive a replacement copy of my diploma if I have lost it?

A: Information will be provided at a later time.

Q: Are back issues of Becker Magazine available?

A: While we have a limited supply of back issues, please send a request for a specific back issue to

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